Thursday, December 10, 2009

On a Walk Through Our Neighborhood

Ralph and I love to walk around our neighborhood each night but never more so than during Christmas. We so enjoy looking at the various decorations people have put up and anticipating who will get there's up by the next weekend.
Last night I just had to get a few pictures to show you some of what we saw. We laughed all the way through our walk when we noticed some rather odd looking decorations.

This first picture is the front of our house. We have the two polar bears that have their heads swinging back and forth and our little snowman up by the porch. What you don't see is the pitiful little spiral tree we bought one year on sale. It keeps falling over onto the bear's back even though my son put spikes through the bottom. I kept trying to get a picture and Ralph had to keep fooling with the tree. Finally we just decided to take one without the tree in it.

This isn't a very good picture but I took it because I like the coconut lights they have used in their palm tree.
This little guy is hysterical. I don't know if the homeowners didn't know they put his head on backwards or what. When I first saw this cute little elephant I thought he had a red feedbag on until my husband started laughing and said the head was on upside down.

I so wish my camera took better pictures at night as this is a lovely display.

As we were coming around the bend back to our house we were looking at this new display that the homeowners must have just put up and my husband noticed that the reindeer were put up backwards. They have them going into the ground (my husband called it crashing the sled) instead of going up into the sky.
We love our neighborhood and these funny little displays make our walk that much more fun.


audreyscountrycrafts said...

What great decorations! Who wouldn't notice that head was wrong? Really - the hat should be up right?
Thanks so much for the great pictures - my camera doesn't take good night pictures either.


Thank you for sharing--:)

Must be nice putting up outside Christmas decor in warm weather--hmmmmm_:)