Saturday, December 12, 2009

Your Trash, My Treasure

I have decided to add a segment to my blog called "Your Trash, My Treasure" because I am always finding things in the thrift stores that just need a little bit of help to be a treasure to keep.
I found this darling little Noah's Ark Picture frame that was dusty and somewhat faded in the colors for 1.99. This is a sturdy ceramic frame so I think it will last a while.

It's a perfect gift to give my little grandsons for their room as it has 4 different slots for pictures. One for each of the 3 boys and one for their mom.

So, I took it apart and cleaned the frame and spruced up the animals with a bit of paint and changed the colors of the ark, the little bird on top and the cat to give it a little more contrast. I also used a different blue for the water and the waves.
Here is the result. It is suttle, but it is much brighter and the colors are richer. Now I just have to find some pictures to put in it and give it to my grandsons.

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audreyscountrycrafts said...

What a great frame!! I haven't been to the local thrift store is a while. Might have to check it out tomorrow :)