Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't Give Up!

I have been in the forums of the Etsy site and have noticed more and more sellers are getting disenchanted with selling online. Mostly it appears to be that their sales are down and they are wondering if their items have appeal.

I felt this same way on so many occasions I can't even count. It is so amazing though, that each and every single time I have been to the point of giving it all up and just giving my mosaics away as Christmas gifts, I end up selling one.

With all the promoting it takes to keep your shop afloat in this sea of endless stores online it can certainly affect your creativity. Sometimes you wonder if you are an artist/crafter or just a glorified PR person.

I know firsthand the hours that are spent in the forums of the various teams you join and trying to stay "tuned in" to what is going on with each; then there are the many sites you may belong to that offer assistance and support for "handmade" items. I personally belong to 3 such sites. There is also treasuries, and challenges, and special sales that you don't want to miss out on. Or, how about the chat rooms and resource pages that you feel compelled to read because it might have something that will help you further your shop.
It truly takes dedication, perseverance and patience to make a real go of it with online selling. It isn't for everyone, but it is definitely worth giving it a try.

So don't give up. Hang in there at least until the Christmas season hits. Then, if you feel it is just too much try sending letters with photos out to the various stores in your community and ask them if they would like to sell your items in their store. I did this when I first started and I am now selling in Cocoa Village, Florida in a shop called "The Gingerbread House".

One way or another there is a spot for you in all of this, it just may take a while to find your niche.


Hazydaisy said...

Thanks for such an encouraging post, Christine!

RockinMamaBG said...

Great post :-) I totally agree!