Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cruising out of Town

My husband and I try to get away on a cruise at least once a year and in a few days we will be boarding the Norweigian Cruise Lines "Sky" for a 5 day cruise out of Miami.

We will be going to Nassau, Freeport and NCL's private island. We are frequent cruisers on the NCL but have never seen their private island. Each time we have been scheduled to go there, some storm rolls in and we have to change course. So this should be fun. We try to get a cabana so that we can come in from the sunny rays. They have a/c too, which is a plus.

I will be taking lots of pictures to share here on my blog. For those of you who have never been on a cruise, this will give you a small peek at what it's like and maybe you will want to book one too. The prices are pretty reasonable right now.

We actually got this cruise for about $5.00. We have an NCL credit card that racks points towards a cruise and we signed for a booking on our last cruise, which gave us 250.00 off too.
Generally you get some sort of coupons for early bookings and shipboard credits that can be applied to various things so it helps to bring the cost down.

I am so looking forward to just getting out of town. It's been a long year and I am ready for a break.

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