Monday, May 11, 2009

"Blues Too" Mosaic Mirror

This is the 2nd mosaic mirror that I have made using nothing but blue dish tiles and embellishments. Of course, there is a little white here and there to break it up, but basically this is a "blue" piece. The owner of the Gingerbread House where I sell a lot of my work insisted that I make another one in this color as tourists seem to gravitate towards it. Maybe it reminds them of the ocean or just being in Florida and they want to take a piece of it home with them.

This item is not in my Etsy shop, but is for sale should you be interested in purchasing it. This one goes for $95.00, plus shipping. Unfortunately shipping is a real problem when you make something that weighs quite a bit like these larger mosaics. I always include insurance and tracking, which costs extra, but feel it is worth it to know it got there in one piece.

The dark dish tiles in this are from "Fiesta" dishes and lend a bold sweep in this mirror. The tiles around the mirror inset are glass tiles and I have added some white glass gems as well. If you would like additional information on this piece please feel free to contact me in my Etsy shop at

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Cherry Tart Design said...

It's stunning! No wonder why the tourists gravitate toward it!