Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mosaic project-coffee table

This is a coffee table my husband and I made about 5 years ago. It was so hard to find one large enough for our needs that we decided to make our own. We bought two inexpensive rectangular shaped tables with plenty of storage, then put them back to back.
Next we added a large piece of plywood to the top and nailed it all down to the tops of the two tables. Next we drew out a design that included some mosaic work in the center. The black around the edges is 12x12 granite pieces. I used tesserae tiles that I broke up in a towel with a hammer for the middle section.

This was put down with tile adhesive we purchased at local store. In the areas that wouldn't fit a 12x12 tile, but we wanted to keep black, we broke up the remaining black granite and did some mosaic work with it, which still gives the overall design we were after. We grouted it all in black and my husband went around the edge with 1" round moulding that I painted black.


Southern Girl said...

That's a gorgeous table!

Tins and Treasures said...

What a rich looking table top. I'd love to be a follower, but the link appears to be misbehaving! I'll check back again later. Take care ~Natalie

Turnadaisy said...

Hi there welcome to the Design Style Guide team :)
Gorgeous table and the Cardinal story cracked me up. Our neighbor had a young Robin doing the same thing to his new mercedes! mostly on the sunroof it was funny...especially since it was not my truck it was happening to. LOL! It finally stopped after much consternation from the neighbor and I think the Robin growing up enough to find other things to do...or the headache was just too much LOL!