Monday, March 9, 2009

My Crazy Red Cardinal

I have this red cardinal that has been banging his beak on my windows in my bedroom, bathroom and living room for about 8 months now. I swear he knows where I am and follows me. He starts around 7:30 banging on the window above my bed, which, of course, wakes me up. Now that I am in this great humor, I stumble to the bathroom to wash my face, etc. He is now at the window to the right of my sink and dive-bombing it. I mean, I do not know how he hasn't lost his mind completely from the banging. As I progress to the shower he is now chomping it to bits at my front bathroom window. Banging and banging until I get fed up and tap the window with my backbrush. Not that this deters him in the least. I just have to get my frustrations out somehow.
I finally finish up and head to the kitchen. As I step across the threshold from the living room to the kitchen, my wacky little friend is now perched on the upper windowsill of our front door.
He spends a little time there, then heads off to places unknown, only to return the following morning like clockwork.
I will do my best to get a picture of him. The pest control guy said to place a full size magazine picture up to scare him off. That did not work!!!!

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