Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What Happened to the Flag?

Memorial Weekend has always been filled with movies about war, news programs covering parades and interviews, people are out at the parks and lakes barbecuing and enjoying themselves, but there is something that has changed over the years that disturbs me. 

I don't see our flag displayed in any one's yard anymore.  We were the only one's on our entire block that had their flag out in memory of those brave soldiers who died for our grand country. Why is that? Are we no longer proud to be an American?  Are we no longer honoring special celebrations of our country? What happened?

I am more than disturbed, I am angry.  America is like no other place in the world. It was founded by blood, sweat and tears of every race so that we could enjoy the freedom of not being under the rule of one government;  so that we could pursue the American Dream. Nothing stood in our way as we fought for our belief in freedom.

When I see news clips of people burning our flag or principals of schools suspending students for wearing the flag on a shirt I am appalled.  Our flag represents all that we stand for; all that we have become.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe because it doesn't appear that we stand for much of anything anymore our flag is just one of many symbols that no longer have meaning. Even many of the schools don't want it in their classrooms because it "divides the students" and doesn't fairly represent each heritage.  What about our heritage?

When you are in the United States of America you use our flag.  When you are in some other country you will see that country's flag.  Have we become so confused that we allow the complaints of a few determine the outcome for all?  I certainly hope not.



I loved your blog about the flag and what it represents.
We had ours flying proud and high!

Gari Anne said...

I totally agree... the past few years the changes that we have gotten in the USA country were not the changes most of us wanted. Now we have to change it all back!!! We live in country surrounded by trees and don't fly a flag at our house, but I sure had a flag on my Blog, and all social media sites!

julie cavender said...

Well said, well said, Chris!! Thanks for trying to post on my blog. I don't understand why people feel the need to burn our flag. Is it because they know they can? And our constitution protects their rights? There's such an irony to that.