Sunday, May 1, 2011

Trip to Georgia, Part 2

Our next stop was Marietta.  We parked by the old locomotive that's right by the Marietta Museum of History and I took a shot of my husband standing next to it.

1940's style kitchen

This is a very old sausage grinder.
Bedroom in the Museum of History

This is a shot the park in the center of the Historic District from the upstairs restaurant where we had lunch
 called the Vineyard Cafe

After lunch we headed over to another museum for the movie "Gone With The Wind". This is a personal collection of one man that was donated to this museum. I liked this one better than the one in Jonesboro because there was a lot more authentic pieces including scripts, letters written by the stars, costumes, dishes other memorabilia.
Scarf worn my Olivia DeHavilland as Melanie

Photo of her wearing the scarf hat

One of the chairs used on the GWTW set

Chair in the background
This is a mosaic that was on the side of one of the buildings.

The above photo is one of the rooms in the Root House museum. This is also in Marietta and was one of the better tours. The woman took the two of us around by ourselves and showed us everything.
A photo of the family room
Up to 10 people lived in this very small home and the grandmother had her bed in the dining room.

Families vegetable and herb garden.
This garden was amazing! It wrapped all around the house and was full of herbs for medicinal use as well as vegetables and decorative flowers.
A rope bed
Mattresses were held up by ropes that were tightened with a wooden pin with handles, as shown in the photo above.
Family tub and cradle next to fireplace
How would you like to try and fit into that tub! Mostly they spot washed when necessary.
Our fabulous docent


julie cavender said...

Seriously, you should have called!!LOL

Christine Burgess said...

I know!! We could have had such fun.