Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Custom Mosaic -Adding the Shelf

My husband embedded the little half salad plate into the base of the mosaic  and glued all around it.  We had to let that dry before applying another coat of glue which has taken several days to complete.  He finished it off using some wood filler so once I finish with filling in the rest of the design I can grout around it and it should be good to go.

I also painted the back black not only because I like a finished piece, but to camouflage the Spackle on the back from the plate.

This is a photo of the plate just laying on top.

Here is the plate embedded into the wood.

Back view showing the wood filler.
Tonight I hope to complete the mosaic and have a photo of it emailed for approval.  Once I get that I will grout it, which will take at least two days to cure, then clean it up and ship it out.  I take a toothpick around each tile, gem and doodad in each of my mosaics.  It takes time but I believe the finished product is worth it.

My next post will be on grouting.  I hope to be doing that as soon as I hear back from my customer on the design.

Until Next Time. :)


Shellie said...

Very cool. :)

Mary said...

Your work is AMAZING! I'm an Etsy member of Team Fest. Love your work. My blog is so not worthy, but give it a look if you have time.


Mary from Garden Whimsies by Mary