Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tampa/St.Petersburg Part 3

This is the last of the photos of the Henry B. Plant Museum.  Next post will have the remaining pictures we took of our trip, including the St. Petersburg Pier.

This is the guest register

 More clothes of the time period. I just love the hats. What ever happened to that?
 One of the trendy things to do in this era was to save some human hair for decoration. This is a wreath made with different colors of hair then encased in glass.  They were also big on saving locks of hair to put into something to adorn their neck or wrist.
 This is a shot of what was beneath the ugly brown on one of the panels in the men's retreat.

 Here is a long shot of the men's retreat room with my husband in the background listening to the self-guided tour. Here is where they could smoke, drink, spit and read the newspaper without the women looking on.
 Ralph using the hand-held photo enhancer of that day. For some reason the name escapes me.
On the University side of the hotel is the old elevator that is still used. We took a quick peak inside as it was out of service that day.  Look at how detailed the woodwork was along with the patterned carpet.

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