Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tampa/St. Petersburg part 2

I am continuing my post on our mini vacation to Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Here are some more pictures I took at the Henry B. Plant Museum.

The piece of furniture shown here was actually a closet where the housekeeping staff kept their supplies and even a small sink.  The clothes are what was worn by the staff. The photo is a bit dark.

Some clothes that would have been worn during that time period-around 1891.

This is one of the dining tables all decked out as it would have been for an evening.  They purposely chose to use mix and match china patterns for a more informal feel.

This room housed several of the decorative pieces used throughout the hotel.   The round piece with the number 14 on it was a "garden seat".  Mr. and Mrs. Plant spent a lot of time and money choosing just the right furniture for their hotel.

Another shot of some of the attire worn by guests.

This photo is a bit fuzzy but I took it to show the lions on the red carpet.  Apparently Mr. Plant spent a fortune on this wall to wall carpeting only to find out half the guests wouldn't walk on it because the lion was representative of Great Britain and they felt it dishonorable.  Mr. Plant had it removed immediately after that. This is a remnant of the actual carpet.

The hotel boasted hot and cold running water and indoor plumbing for tubs and toilets.  This is a shot of the bathroom off of the guest suites.

Another photo of the bathroom. The very right hand corner had a small sink.  Originally the baths were done in wood planks but later changed to tiling for obvious reasons.

I still have plenty of photos to share so I hope you will come back for part 3.

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Christie Cottage said...

Cool clothing. I would have spots all down the front of that frock! LOL

Thanks for sharing!