Friday, July 16, 2010

PoPkO-A Unique Kind of Butterfly Art

Crystal is the owner and artist behind PoPkO, a very unique shop on Etsy.  I say unique because much of her jewelry is designed around real butterflies' wings.  Now, before anyone gets upset, these wings are from "deceased" butterflies only.  Here is a statement from her shop:
" I use butterfly wings that were raised for conservation and public education in a butterfly conservatory. Once they naturally expire, they are collected and I make jewelry to preserve them. Some butterflies live for a 1-2 weeks, some (like monarchs) can live up to 6-9 months if not actively breeding. Its important to know that these are from a safe source, as butterflies have a fragile existence. Butterfly wing jewelry has been around for hundreds of years, and I hope to give you heirloom pieces to enjoy as well".

Crystal's has been selling on Etsy for several years.  In fact between herself, her four sisters and her mom they have a total of 7 active shops.  What an amazing family to have so much talent.  You can read a Storque article about the "homemade" wedding they all put together for Crystal and her husband.  It is not only heartwarming to see such a close-knit family but you also get to see all the great ideas they came up with when they pooled their talents.

Below is a sampling of what you will find when you visit PoPkO but it is very much worth your time to take a closer look and visit her shop.

She has some great rings at a very reasonable price that are just too fun.  They are called "Glitter Pop" rings and just dazzle the eye with all their bling.  Crystal specialties also include Bridal a fused glass gifts.


Audrey said...

What a wonderful shop! Really pretty items.
LOVE your mosaic below! :)

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Very Cool...most original and unique!