Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seaphemera Jewelry

There are so many gifted artists living right here in Florida and now that I belong to a group called Florida Etsy Street Team (FEST) I have the opportunity to get to know some of their work.

 This is to introduce Gail Cormier's shop Seaphemera on Etsy.  Gail lives in Inverness, Florida and loves to walk the beach and look for unique and unusual shells to use in her jewelry.  She also uses beach glass and pearls and has created truly lovely pieces at very reasonable prices.


seaphemera said...

Hi Christine! Thank you so much for featuring my shop here! I feel very honored!

seaphemera said...

I'm so exited I forgot to finish my comment: I will give 20% off (cash back via paypal) to any orders placed through July 4th if you add in notes to seller that you saw my shop on Christine's Comments!

Kelly Warren said...

I love Gail's work! Congrats Gail!

nlv4ever said...

Boy, Christine- I am impressed! Lovely work, great site--- how do you find the time! I work full time and just haven't been able to find much time/knowledge to promote my things. You are an inspiration!
Victoria (Orlando)
Etsy shop- potterymudworks
Etsy shop- photowrks