Monday, March 1, 2010

Zhu Zhu for Valentine's Day

This post comes a bit late following Valentine's Day, but I was going over my family pictures and remembered the one's with my grand kids getting their Zhu Zhu hamsters.

My husband and I decided to give our grand kids a gift rather than more sweets for Valentine's Day so we picked up 3 of these wacky little hamsters.

It's so funny to watch kids, especially when they are related and are so very different.

My oldest grandson seemed a bit bored with the whole idea at first but after a few minutes decided he needed to run next door and show it off to everyone.

My middle grandson couldn't have been happier with his gift as he loves any kind of stuffed animal. He immediately named it Fluffy and was very careful that it didn't bump into anything while it was racing circles on the carpeting.

My youngest grandson couldn't get it out of the box fast enough and went straight to the linoleum flooring to watch his hamster spin in circles, then head straight for the cabinet bottoms.

Here are the three of them opening their gifts.
This is Jesse, my middle grandson carefully watching.
Here is Joshua, the baby, zooming right behind it no matter where it goes.

There isn't a picture of Taylor because he was already next door showing off what Grandma and Grandpa gave him.LOL
I just love to study the different reactions from my grandchildren and they are as different as day and night.

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