Thursday, March 4, 2010

Custom Mosaic Tables?

I have been thinking for some time about adding a line of custom table tops in my mosaic shop as they are fun to make and you can do so many different designs. I will probably gear it more towards the glass and ceramic tiles and then offer several color choices rather than dish tiles, as those are generally a One-of-a-kind deal.

This is the very first table I tried. It was done in the pique assiette (broken dish) with a beautiful focal tile and matching dish tiles.

The edges are all finished in two rows of the mini ceramics tiles, one white and one cobalt blue.

The focal tile is really a gorgeous mix of vibrant colors and I decided to team it with the blue and white so as not to take away from the lovely design.

I haven't put this for sale in my Etsy shop as I am still working out the packaging situation, but will have that remedied shortly.

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