Thursday, February 18, 2010

Featured Shop is Reef Botanicals

I just love natural, homemade soaps and am delighted to be showing you a peek inside the shop of Reef Botanicals, owned and operated by husband and wife team, Larissa and Eric.

After marrying last March the two of them have put all there energies into creating handmade soaps, shampoos, lip balms and candles. There's even some nice stuff for the guys.

Some of their fragrances include Honey Chocolate (yum), lemongrass sage, and lavender to name a few.

This one looks good enough to eat and you can almost smell the coconut just by looking at the photo.
This is what Reef Botanicals says about this soap:
"This vegan-friendly, smooth bar has no exfoliating properties. Instead, it's made from cooling, soothing, hydrating cucumber and coconut milk. The mix of oils in this bar create an instant lather that springs up as soon as water hits it. The terrific light green color comes solely from cucumber peels, as, like all of our soaps, it contains no artificial colorants".

Here is another one that I just love because lavender always makes me feel relaxed and it just has a lovely fresh, clean scent.

Reef Botanicals has this to say:
"Why should the guys have all the fun? They shouldn't! Nor should they have a corner on the luxury market. That's why we've made this shaving and bath soap that will work for women as well as men! The recipe is precisely the same as in our Clean Cut Shaving and Bath Soap, so you know it's got that creamy, sudsy, luxurious lather, perfect for shaving.

It also includes shea butter for moisturizing and Rhassoul clay, used for over 1400 years as a natural beauty treatment for skin and hair. What this soap doesn't have is that distinctly male smell. This one is 100% lavender essential oil, a great, relaxing scent for any woman but not so flowery that a man can't use it too".

I have given you just a hint of all the wonderful quality soaps you can find at Reef Botanicals so I hope you will check it out for yourself. They also offer gift baskets for that special someone in your life.

If you hurry you could be one of the next 10 customers to receive a free lip balm with your purchase.


MakinTheBestOfIt said...

Wonder feature! Reef's soaps are really great and made with a lot of care.

trusk4u said...

Terrific feature! I love the carefully crafted products they have and when it's time to re-stock, I know where I'm shopping!

Larissa said...

Thanks so much! And I love that photo of St. Thomas up there!

CraftyMama said...

Cool post! :D