Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank You to My Followers

I want to let my followers know that I appreciate that you take the time to read my posts and leave comments when something strikes you.

One way I can give back to you is to showcase a few of your shops from time to time in the hopes someone will see something they just "gotta" have or will remember you when they are looking for that special gift.

Today I will be showing you some goodies from 4 more followers. I just love to look in every one's shops and see the huge variety of items for sale. The talent out there is mind boggling to me.


This little eco-friendly, upcycled glass jar would be a wonderful gift for someone you care about with the word "HEARTS" spelled out on the side in hand stamped tags.

It has a personality all it's own with all the wonderful vintage trims and lace. There's even confetti made from vintage papers.

These sweet little pear tags would be just the ticket to attach to your homemade crafts giving that extra touch for your customers.
They are hand punched tags, embellished with delicate printed tissue pears (stamped with Delta arts rubber stamp, altered with their permission) and stamped with Merci.


Living in Florida, I just had to choose this beach-themed fabric postcard, but Zizzybob carries a variety of themes to choose from.
This 4 x 6 postcard is made from cotton fabric. The central designs are appliqued with a button hole stitch. It is ready to be mailed and needs no addition handling or covers; just needs a first-class stamp and it's ready to go.

I just love all the bright colors of this gorgeous fabric bowl. There are so many ideas that come to my mind as to how a bowl such as this can be used. It's practical but also very decorative and would be a wonderful accent in any home.
This fabric bowl is made from 100% cotton recycled fabric, wrapped around a cotton rope core, then coiled into a one of a kind unique fabric bowl. It measures 10 inches wide and 3 1/4" deep. It is embellished with decorative covered rope formed into coiled handles and vintage coat buttons. It contains all the primary colors and is stitched with a cheerful yellow thread.

This darling little hat is for a baby and with all the lovely colors it could easily be for a boy or a girl. This was knitted on the round using a soft acrylic yarn in variegated colors of blues, pinks, greens, yellows and white.
This adorable little knitted owl is named Ollie. Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?

Ollie is made from acrylic yarn, his front being a lovely shade of country green, and back side/wings a perfectly plumy purple. White eyes with orange centers. Ollie measures 6 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall.


I really love the story behind this fabulous painting.

This is called " Sunset Girls" and is a 16"x28" acrylic on wood panel from the Inner Spirit of Women series.
"This painting was inspired by the ladies of the west hall at grandma's nursing home. They could never remember where their rooms were after dinner. I started telling them they were the Sunset Girls and to follow the setting sun to find their way home.This painting is beyond the physical. It's of the spirit of this delightful group of women."
"Leader of the Pack" is a 7” x 11” mixed media on illustration board.

This is so amazing to me because you can see the wariness in the eye's of this wolf and the intensity of the moment. To be able to bring those emotions to life is true talent.
I just gave you a small peek into the shops of these wonderful talented people. I hope you will stop by each one and see for yourself the care and craftsmanship that goes into each and every item.


missknits said...

oh wow! i am so honored you featured my lil hat and owl!! thank you so much!! such a nice suprise! and love all the others too! you have a lovely blog!

whyte said...

Chris, this is the best "thanks" I think I've ever seen on a blog. I thank you for featuring my treasures here. Great idea!

Audrey said...

Those shops are amazing!! Love the fabric bowl and the paintings are amazing!