Friday, January 29, 2010

My Eastern Caribbean Cruise Journal, Pt.4

On our "sea day" we decided to eat in one of the specialty restaurants because the food is better, in our opinion, as well as the service. They do have an extra charge for these, but it's worth it. On the NCL Pearl we had a choice of Japanese, Mexican, a Steak House, Italian and a Tapas Bar.

We decided to try the Mexican restaurant because it was casual dress and only $10 per person extra. This is a picture of the lobster tacos we each had and they were wonderful. All solid meat and just a few seasonings.

Here's a cute little towel elephant that was waiting for us when we returned from dinner. They used to put chocolates on your pillows each night and the steward would put extra ones in for eyes, but with the need to cut back they no longer do this.

The following pictures are ones from around the ship. This is of one of the "Main" dining rooms where most of the people eat.

There were these wonderful paintings all around the room of the Russian Czar Nicholas II and his family. Anastasia is standing to his right in this one.
This is the stairway into the main dining room. You can see the faberge eggs on each of the posts.

This was the ceiling above the main deck (or lobby) of the ship where all the shops were located. I was made up of hundreds of ice crystals hanging down.
This was an interesting sea sculpture in the lobby.

This is a fort or something on the side of the island going towards Tortolla.

We walked the back streets in Tortolla just to see what was there. We found a lovely handmade soap shop. We didn't have a tour planned for that day so we headed back to the ship early and had a hamburger up on the lido deck.

Ralph snapped a picture of another cruise ship passing us as we were leaving Tortolla.

The best pictures are the ones we took in St. Thomas, which will be in my next post. We took a tour of Blackbeard's Castle, the 1829 Hotel and a fascinating Amber Museum.

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blue eyed dragonfly studio said...

Your trip sounds like it was amazing; the photos of ship and scenery are beautiful. I’m not sure if I am more envious of the trip or the lobster tacos, I love Mexican food. Have a great weekend.