Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Eastern Caribbean Cruise Journal, Pt.3

We landed in Samana, Dominican Republic around 10am and this is what the island looks like as we were coming into it. The boat with the red stripe is called a "tender'. Each of the cruise ships has several tenders that they use to transpot people into the ports when there either isn't enough room or the waters are to shallow for the large ships.
Each tender holds about 150 people and can get a little warm as there are few windows that are opened.

This picture is of the dock where the tenders were coming in. They usually run back and forth all day.
This picture of the "bridge to nowhere" was taken from the tender on our way over to Samana.
It was built with the idea in mind that the tiny island on the left would house a resort, but nothing ever became of it so this literally goes nowhere.

Ralph and I stopped for a drink and an order of fries just to sit and watch the sites. It was a hot day that day and it was nice to get out of the sun. Ralph likes their Presidente brand of beer.

This is a common mode of transportation around the island. Sort of their idea of a cab.

We met a man while we were shopping at their "straw market" who asked us if we would contact his brother in Miami and ask that he call him. Apparently the earthquake in Haiti has destroyed the phone system for calling out and he wanted us to let his brother know he needed some help.
Ralph took the number and called him as soon as we got home. I wish I would have thought to get a picture of this man. He kept offering us a picture he painted as payment but we told him we were just happy to help.
Here is a closer look at the 2 tenders used by the NCL Pearl.

I took this picture to show what the inside of the tenders look like. We were headed back to the ship around 1pm so it wasn't very crowded.
My husband bought this wooden statue for our 8 yr. old grandson for getting such good grades on his report card. The little turtle was something I picked up for a future mosaic. We weren't planning to eat the canapes that were delivered that night so Ralph put our purchases on the plate.

I took a picture of us in the mirror in back of the bed just before heading out to dinner.

We had dinner in the Japanese restaurant and tried every appetizer they had. Following that was a show featuring "The Jersey Boys" from Las Vegas and a juggling/comedy act called "Sharkbait".
When we got back to the room our cabin steward had this monkey made of towels sitting on the bed.
Tomorrow we dock in Tortolla, then on to St. Thomas.

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