Sunday, December 6, 2009

Remembering My Mother at Christmas

My kids came over yesterday to help decorate our tree and as we were pulling out all the ornaments they had made over the years it brought back many memories of Christmas' past. Not just of those spent with my children, but of those spent as a child myself. It made me think of my parents and all those years my mother worked very hard to make sure each Christmas was a special time.

My mother passed away 2 years ago October 8th and the last Christmas before her death she had gone on one of those bus tours for seniors that the mobile home community where she lived in Tucson had planned a trip to California. She was so excited because she was finally going to see the "Crystal Cathedral" that she had seen so many times on the "Hour of Power" Program she watched on Sunday mornings.

Their tour included several other stops along the way and one of them was a huge Christmas shop where my mom bought this darling little lady and had her sent to me. She will forever be a reminder of that trip my mother took that year and how much fun she had.

She is just adorable with her cute little feather hat and her basket of goodies. She looks like she's been out shopping in the cold weather and has her hands full of little Christmas treasures.


lisianblue said...

Hi Chris!! I love that lady - she is so cool! I started giving my kids an ornament every year when they were born, a few years ago they started giving me an ornament every year. I love unwrapping my ornaments each year and remembering good times with them. I have a couple from my childhood - a couple of paper birds from China Town! Not sure how they have survived it this long!!
It's neat your mom got to go on that trip!

audreyscountrycrafts said...

Good morning!! I love your banner!
You have been tagged over on my blog, please come have a look!