Thursday, December 3, 2009

Contest Prize Has Changed

Here's the deal. This is the first time I have had a contest on my blog and I really wanted to give away a mosaic, but truthfully, the international shipping gets very costly and I wanted to keep the contest open to everyone.

After pondering this for a while I got to thinking that maybe I can still offer a mosaic to those that may want one who live in the US, and a gift certificate to those who live outside the US.

So this is what I want to do with the ongoing contest that ends December 7th. I will let the winner make a choice of one of the following 5 mosaics. If one should sell, then it would be down to 4 mosaics and so on. At least this way you have a choice. What do you think?

Here are the rules:

1. Become a follower-2pts. If you are already a follower you automatically get 1 pt.

2. Use one of my mosaics in a treasury and link back to me .-1pt.

3. Mention this contest on your blog and link back to me.-2pts.

4. Comment on this post-1pt.

5. Comment on the thread that I will have going in the forum under Promotions. It will say "Mosaic Gift Certificate Giveaway on my blog". Each "day" that you comment will give you 1 additional point. Be sure to mention that you are in this contest so that I can get your name.

6. Mention this contest anywhere else that can be linked back to me-1pt.



omg! Those are beautiful, Chris!! Love the angel mosiac!!

Chainmaille By MBOI said...

How do I enter?

Christine Burgess said...

Just go to the previous post and the rules for the contest are in that one. It is labled "Giveaway contest"

Christine Burgess said...

The post is actually called "Gift Certificate Giveaway".

audreyscountrycrafts said...

You are simply AMAZING!! I love them all! Would gladly pay shipping if I won one :) hint hint