Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celebrating 32 Years

Last night we celebrated Terra's 32nd birthday. I still find it hard to believe it has been that long ago since she was just a baby.

She wanted to go to a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet so this picture was taken there. She had just opened her oldest son's gift to her; his school picture.
Here she is back at her apartment with all 3 boys looking on while mom blows out the candles. She wanted me to make the cake for her and she chose yellow cake with vanilla pudding in the center and chocolate frosting.

Here's our newest addition to the family...Rex, a 3 month old American Bulldog and my son, Justin.

If there is a pillow on the floor you will find Ralph on it. Here he is in a relaxed state watching all the activity.

We gave Terra a birthstone ring for her gift and she is opening it here with her kids looking on. Of course, each one had to try it on just like mom.

On a different note: the table in the above picture is one of my mosaic projects. This sort of table is how I got started doing mosaics. I bought a sturdy oak coffee table with huge decorative legs and a small drawer at the goodwill for 12.00. I did a mosaic around the edge of some granite squares we used for the center.

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