Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nightstand Makeover, Part 2

I have finished the initial painting in the country maple on all the trim and top.
I am purposely leaving the shelves untouched as I plan to use a decoupage of a fun paper in there. The lines you see are grooves that were originally filled with some awful caulking or something when I first bought it. No way to make that look good with paint so I am going to cover it up.
Since these photos are being taken in my work room at night the color is a little drab. It is actually more of a golden hued paint on the trim.

Here is the pillow sham that I wanted to compliment. I felt the stencils tied in well with it. Again the colors are so washed out here, as this is rich golds, browns, and rusts, but you get the idea.

I decided to do a stencil of a leaf on all four corners. I figure she will probably have a lamp on it so no point in covering the center.
This was done in a metallic glaze of bronze. It gives is a transparent look.
My final post will have the finished piece as I am working on that today. I still need to do some antiquing and then varnish.

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