Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Metallic Embellished Mosaic Mirror

This is my newest mosaic. It isn't what you might normally expect from me as it is more simple in design, but I wanted to experiment a little bit on this one.

As you can see from this first photo I have used a metallic gold paint wash over a sandy colored grout to bring out the richness of the gold streaks in the blue glass tiles.

I also used a gold framed mirror as the inset which I duplicated on the edge by trimming in wood and painting it with a metallic gold paint- full strength.

Here is a full view of it. It took me about 20 or more tries to get a good one of the whole mirror as you are reflecting back what is in front of it and it's hard not to get yourself and your camera in the photo. I also prefer something reflected instead of just leaving it blank. It seems to give it a bit more depth. So, if you have looked at all of my mirrors you have a pretty good idea of what my house looks like.

If you would like more information on this or any of my other pieces just go to .


Hazydaisy said...

This is such a lovely mirror,it reminds me of the medditerranean

artsyphartsy said...

Love this mirror. You did a superb job on it. The color combinations are wonderful and the gold metallic in the grout just sets it off perfectly.

Thanks for adding my mosaic mask to your favorites.

Hollyrocks said...

Gorgeous! I love the shiny, domed tiles.

ArtSnark said...

cool mirror - love the blues

Rach said...

Your work is beautiful!
I also like the other segments of your blog. It is definitely worth following.