Monday, June 22, 2009

Journey of a Mosaic, Part 2

It has taken me a lot longer than usual to get to this part of a mosiac. My husband was off for a few days and we got sidetracked cleaning out the boxes in our attic.

This is a better picture of the flamingo I bought that got me started on this piece, along with some of the handcut dish tiles and jewelry I will be using.

I am using forest green glass tiles to make a representation of a palm tree plant in a large pot. As you can see from this picture I had originally thought to do a palm tree, but the brown just didn't seem to fit in, so I changed it.

This is a closer picture of the pot I designed to hold the palm. You can see the leaves beginning to take shape just above the pot. I penciled it in first to have some sort of guide.

This is as far as I was before I started working on it tonight. Now I am halfway around the base. I also decided to cut the glass tiles surrounding the mirror in half as a full sized one just took up too much space.
I will continue to work on this throughout the week and get it ready for grout. I will be sure to get pictures of the before, during and after grouting. I also hope to show you what I do to my pieces before I list them for sale.



Chris, that is such an awesome labor intensive process--and you do it wonderfully!

Cody's Closet said...

Beautiful picture of your town. It is interesting to watch you lay it out. I cannot wait to see it all done as your work is truly stunning. AnnieK

Rachel said...

love your work! thanks for making me a favorite! ( :

- a Stones Throw

artsyphartsy said...

Great blog. I love how you show your steps. This will be another piece of mosaic art when you are finished Christine.