Monday, June 1, 2009

The Disney Experience

I am taking my 7 year old grandson, Taylor, to Walt Disney World on Thursday. We are only going for the day, as the cost is getting out of hand to stay in a hotel and do the parkhopper thing. Fortunately we live close by and can get there easily enough.
I can't wait to create these memories for Taylor as the first time is always such a big deal. I shamelessly wanted to be the one to see his reaction.
When I was a kid, my parents would drop me and a friend at the front gate of Disneyland in California and pick us up when it closed. Back in those days you didn't worry about your kid getting molested, kidnapped, lost or God only knows what else. I was only 10 years old too. Hard to believe. Nowadays you won't even let your 10 year old play in the street without a direct site path to where he/she is playing.
Anyway, back to Disney. We plan to get up and head out around 7am as the park opens at 9 and we want to get the "full" experience, and of course, our money's worth. The parade isn't until 9pm and the fireworks start directly after that so it will be a long day.
I am making breakfast burritos the night before to take with us so we can eat on the fly.It takes about an hour and an half to get there from our house as it is on the other side of Orlando.
I will be posting pictures , so please stop back by and see what we did for our day at The Magic Kingdom.

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