Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My New Toys

I just bought a small tile saw for my mosaic business and am teaching my son, Justin, how to use it. He is cutting dish tiles from a plate in this photo.
I can't believe all the powder it creates so I made him wear all the gear to keep from breathing it in.

He's been at it for a few hours now and his entire face is white with the dust. You can see my new grinder to the left. I use that to smooth the dish tiles after they are cut. This will be great for picking my own patterns of dishes I want to use in the future.
My next project is to clean the garage. Unfortunately this is my husbands domain much of the time so I will need to wait for him, as I am sure he would be afraid I would throw too much away (and I would).

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SumpinElse said...

Chris that's great that he is learning and helping!