Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Visit Cocoa Village

This is the store where I sell many of my mosaics. It is called "Gingerbread House" and is right in the heart of Cocoa Village, Florida, a wonderful little tourist area where you will find a variety of trendy shops and boutiques, homemade ice cream and and even music from the local bands on the weekends. Cocoa Beach (remember I Dream of Jeannie?) is just a stone's throw away from the village and is just about 10 minutes from Cape Canaveral.

Here is the front entrance to the store where the owner, John, is kind enough to put my large mosaic on the easel where you can't miss it. He has all sorts of fun things to look at as you can see by the pictures.

This is a few steps down from the main floor where I have many of my pieces on the back shelf along with some other fun items from other artists around town. Look at that cool (is cool outmoted now?) fish chair and table. And take a look at that colorful pottery.
Anyway, should you get the chance to stop by this way, be sure to come into Cocoa Village and do a little shopping at the Gingerbread House.


Tins and Treasures said...

This looks like a great little shop. Wish we lived close enough to drive there for a day! Take care ~Natalie

Steinar Arason said...

Thanks for following me. I´m glad to see you on my list. You have a great blog.

You may want to join my mailing list.

Village Home said...

I walk by this shop nearly everyday on my way to work - I'll be stopping by tomorrow to check out your art in person!