Friday, April 3, 2009

St. Augustine with my Sisters

My two sisters are here from Denver and we plan to head up to St. Augustine for a few days.
For those of you not familiar with this wonderful city, to me, it is one of the most entertaining places in the U. S. They have trolleys that you can board at 19 different stops in the historic district beginning with the Old City Jail that was still operating until the 1950's.
For one price that lasts 3 days you get a narrated ride all through Old St. Augustine and can jump on and off all day long while visiting many of the oldest foundations in our countries history. There is the Lightner Museum that houses thousands of old dishes that date back 200 years. Then there is the Flagler College that used to be a hotel that was built for the friends and family of one of the founding fathers of the city. Of course you wouldn't want to miss the shopping on St. George Street. This is a narrow cobblestone path banked by boutiques and restaurants of all kinds just waiting for you to visit.
I could go on and on, but I will wait and post some pictures of this wonderful place when I return from my trip.

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Karen Gill said...

Ooohh, sounds like fun! I've been to St Augustine once briefly, and it was such a cool place. Enjoy!!