Monday, March 30, 2009

My Special Workplace

As promised, I am posting pictures of my studio/workspace. I am fortunate in that I have a spare bedroom that I was able to turn into an area that is just for me. I love it because I designed it knowing I needed plenty of desk room. I bought 2 black nightstands from Target (each has one drawer and one cupboard) to use as my base. My husband installed the countertop that we purchased from Home Depot which gives me 8 feet of workspace.
I also bought 2 black bookcases from Walmart to use as storage for all my dishtiles, books, gems, rocks, etc. I could really use another one as these are jammed, but don't know where I would put it as my closet space is taken up with steel racks that hold my finished mosaics.
The file cabinet on the right was an old oak one we've had for years. I painted it black and ivory to better fit into my colorscheme.
As you can see I have lots of momentos in my room such as my "I Love Lucy" collection and various pictures of my kids. I also buy little things and put them around for inspiration.


bluemoose said...

golly- I wish my work area was
THAT clean!
very nice and organized..
now hurry up and
get it messy!

myeuropeantouch said... can you be so darn clean and organized !!! Anyone really working there...LOL

I also work out of my 3rd bedroom. NO,.. absolutely no comparison. I am a messy artist !!!

Ibreak4glass said...

Ok I can't even read what you wrote, I am still crying....your way to organized for an artist lol....Or I am way to messy for one. :0) lol
enjoy your company. I wish I could get motivated to clean mine again. No one ever comes on the third floor.

Karen Gill said...

What a great workspace! So tidy, it just makes you want to get busy!!

Tins and Treasures said...

Your workspace is amazing! Did you take some 'before' pictures? This looks sooo inviting.