Friday, April 17, 2009


This is my newest piece called "Blues". I had so many dish tiles that had various shades of blue in them that I thought it would be fun to do a piece almost entirely in blue, even the grout.
Honestly, I wasn't sure about the grout color and asked several people their opinion and since all of them seemed to like it the way it is, I am leaving it.
I love it when a project comes together with ease and this one did once I got it started. I don't always know where I am going with one of my mosaics until I begin working. Many times I will get the design partially arranged and then dump the whole idea because it just isn't working for me. I look for balance and I suppose some sort of theme when I design. It just has to "feel" right for me to proceed.
The only thing I knew I was going to do ahead of time was to graduate the blues, one to the other, giving it a rhythm. I always try to use jewelry in my work, as I consider it my signature, but some pieces have less than others. The jewelry in this mirror is the large silver earring on the left side with another smaller earring placed on top.
I plan to share a project from start to finish on my blog and hope you will join me. It will be done in segments.

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That is a lovely piece, Christine!!

Your work is beautiful!