Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What is a birdcage?

When I first was planning on moving to Florida people kept telling me about their birdcages and I had no idea what they meant. A birdcage in Florida is the name for the screening all around your backyard. It can encompass your entire yard or just the pool. It is, of course, to keep the bugs and other pests away. By other pests, I mean the wildlife here is amazing! Our house backs up to one of the many preserves in the area and I understand there are gators out there. Yikes! We also have a comical aardvark we named George who digs holes everywhere, and a turtle that stops by to say hello. I have a picture of a mama dear and her babies on the right, but they are very hard to see. They are behind the redish bush in the middle of the picture. My husband and I go out walking and the dear will suddenly tear across the street from one house to the next. Pretty crazy. Our last little regular family is the herons. We have the mama, papa, and 2 baby herons that walk around our subdivision of about 60 houses and just take their sweet time crossing the street. They really are too cute. Don't have a picture of them as I usually see them when I am in the car heading out.

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