Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My First Pineapple

Some time back I posted about pineapple plant that my husband and I purchased a few years ago.

When we bought it there was already a fairly good-sized pineapple growing so we left it on the vine long enough for it to change from the dark green color to the yellowish brown, indicating that it is ripe, before removing it. It was so good. One of the sweetest pineapples I have ever eaten.

Last year we experienced a freeze and were concerned that the plant might have died but we could still see some green shoots coming up and decided to leave it alone.

We kept an eye on it over these last several months and finally decided to pull it from the vine this week as it was turning the color needed for a ripe pineapple even though it was very small.

It is so small that it fit inside a tea cup. Just too cute.
It looks very juicy and we couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately it tasted very sour and probably needed additional time to ripen. Either that, or the plant was more affected by the freeze than we realized and couldn't put out a good pineapple this year.
My husband took the top portion and planted it so we'll see if we can grow another pineapple for next year.

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Linda Smith said...

Aw, disappointed for you. I agree those are usually the sweetest pineapples ever.