Friday, September 24, 2010

What's New?

 Since I didn't sell much at my craft fair I have quite a number of new mosaics in my shop and I thought I would share them in my post today. 

Like most online sellers I am always trying to figure out what people want in the way of design, colors and overall appeal.  My new pieces are a variety of all of these and I plan to continue making more for the upcoming Christmas season.

I am happy to say that this one has sold!

I call this one" Caribbean Contemporary" because of the blue and yellow wavy pattern of the dish tiles I used.

An adorable little plant stand

Another contemporary I call "Cafe Latte" due to the rich brown colored brown tiles and the  creamy beige glass gems in this one

This one isn't mine.  My husband made this mask from a palm frond leaf from our yard
My daughter made this funky fun photo frame
Sort of an abstract that my husband says looks like a man with a yo-yo.
Mosaic cross wall hanging

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