Friday, August 20, 2010

Featured Artist "Swell Dame, Inc"

Amber Grey is a fellow Floridian and the owner and artist behind Swell Dame Inc, a shop on that carries a diverse collection of unique wood crafting.

Burning an image into wood is called Pyrography (Greek for "fire drawing").  It can be done with manual tools or with a laser but Amber prefers the hands-on approach to make the images on her pieces.  Most of her designs are influenced by the Art Deco and Art Noveau movements with a special emphasis on the classic Hollywood period.

When you visit Swell Dame Inc. you will find a wide variety of  art that can fit all budgets, from jewelry and accessories to home decor.  One of my favorite pieces is the "Snow White Fairy Tale Pyrography Art Wood." I love how she shows the bite out of the apple. Very clever.

Amber also enjoys the challenge of custom work and is more than willing  to work with you in finding a design that is perfect for you.

I hope you will visit Swell Dame Inc. and see for yourself and see this amazing art form.

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