Monday, May 24, 2010

Boy, Are We Spoiled!

Our air conditioner went out on us on Friday night and we have been sitting in our house with an inside temperature of  85 degrees.  Thankfully we have ceiling fans in every room and a nice pool out back so we can stay somewhat cool.

Our last vacation we took a tour of Blackbeard's House and I remember thinking how clever they were to build them with breezeways to keep cooler in these dreadfully hot summers.  But I also thought about the layers and layers of clothing that those poor women had to wear in order to maintain their reputation and dignity.  Heaven forbid if any part of the neck or ankles showed.  Can you imagine?

So I do realize that we depend on our comforts each day and many times take for granted that they will be there.  I am just fortunate that it's only my A/C  that's out and that I still have a home as I know many are faced with much tougher problems with this recession.

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Sewinggranny - Mona said...

oh how nice it would be to be sailing away on that beautiful ship@