Thursday, March 18, 2010

New and Upcoming Mosaics

I haven't been on my computer much these last few weeks as the sprain of my foot makes it difficult to sit at my desk, however, I have been busy on a few new mosaics.

The first one was inspired by a friend whom I met online. She is a fellow Design Style Guide member and has a lovely shop called Another Bright Idea.

I did a custom frame for her with some of her mother's keepsakes in a white-on-white mosaic and it gave me the idea of doing one in a Bridal theme. I purposely kept it simple with just a few touches of gold and vintage pearls for interest as the primary focus should be the bride and groom.

It could also work well for a Golden Anniversary or any happy couple for that matter. It was fun and different to do and a bit of a challenge, which is always a good thing.

This is my current project. This is obviously an ocean-themed piece with the cute little crab in the corner. I plan to use various tiles from dishes with blue as the main color.

This is a very large mirror at 24"x 28", so it may take me a while to complete.

This frame is ready to be grouted and I have decided to grout it in blue keeping to the theme. I just love the periwinkle blue that dominates this mosaic and have used that color in several different types of glass tiles to make this design.


Tins and Treasures said...

Hi Chris,
I absolutely love the blue frame...I can't wait to see it with the grout!

Have a thoughtful Thursday ~Natalie

Audrey said...

Those are really wonderful!! I think the top one is my favorite :)