Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Newest Mosaics

Here is one of my newest mosaics. This is a rustic metal tray that has a distressed expresso brown finish.

I love to combine the patterns of dish tiles with the various glass and ceramic tiles so that is what I did with this one.

My signature jewelry is embedded in here as well. It is the muted sage green earring with a little silver criss-cross over it toward the bottom.

My husband thinks this looks southwestern because of the rustic metal and the turquoise and copper colors used. What do you think?

As promised, I have taken a picture of the blue floral mosaic mirror and am posting it for you to see in the white grout.
Personally, I think it could have gone either way, black or white. Black grout would have given it an entirely different look and I wish I had two of them so that I could do one in black just for fun.
It would have defined the mirror more but I like the airy feeling of the suttle blue floral tiles. I also like that the black mini mosaics on the corners show up by using the white.

I changed out the glass tiles around the focal piece at the top for the 3rd time.LOL

I thought the black would be much better with the white grout.

It was tough to get a good picture, not only because this is a very large mirror, but the skies are overcast and dark and didn't lend any light to the situation.
So here it is:
I place a cute little cobalt blue lady bug on top of one of the tiles for whimsey.

The black circles with gold around them are parts of a bracelet. The round knob was handpainted and can be used.

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