Monday, February 8, 2010

Grout Picked for New Mosaic

Experimenting can be fun but also very time consuming. After I so carefully grouted the edges in white I still had to let it dry and pick out the overflow with a toothpick as you can see in this picture all along the border tiles.

Another time I will plan this in advance and make a more definite border to hold the grout.

I didn't want to do a huge area with the black grout powder so here is what my experiment looked like. It's hard to tell in this small shot, but it was looking too busy for me along with the edges done in white.

In this photo I tried the white powder and feel the overall affect is better. It keeps the body of the mirror more solid and the edges more "lacey". The dishes have enough colors to carry off the white in my opinion.

I will be finishing it today and will have pictures for you.
I also just finished a cute metal tray that I will put up on my next post. I would love any comments as to the tags I might use.


Adriana Ximenes said...


Kisses from Brasil,

Audrey said...

It's going to look amazing!! Can't wait to see the finished product.