Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Final Pictures of My Caribbean Vacation

Here are some pictures we took of NCL's private island called "Stirrup Cay". This first one is was taken on from our ship as we had to tender in.

While walking around the island we found this tombstone and grave of Allan Bertram, Esq. who died of the fever on July 29, 1834 at the age of 44. It was the only one on the island.

Some of the plant life.

A view coming back from a hike. We were disappointed as the road to the old lighthouse on the other side of the island was closed off.

A picture of our ship from the island.

A water slide for the kids.

I had to take a picture of this guy who was hanging upside down in the hammock. I don't know whether he had too much to drink or just felt comfortable this way.
There were hammocks and picnic tables all over the wooded area on the island.

A view of the island from the tender.

The rest of my photos are some miscellaneous ones of the ship.

A close up of the "Faberge eggs" on the posts in the main dining room.

One of me in the Mexican Restaurant.

Walking around the deck of the ship.

Ralph just had to get a picture of the closet rod lights. LOL

The following 3 pictures are what is on the walls in between the decks off the staircase.

Another towel creation. This is one of the Sphinx wearing my glasses. The cabin steward put the glasses on it and left it there for us.

This was a highly unusual site of a large low flying airplane out in the middle of the ocean. It swooped down then made a U-turn back towards the ship. Kinda scary as we couldn't figure out why anyone would do that. Ralph caught this photo on it's turn back toward us.

After getting dressed up every night for dinner we decided to have room service and this is Ralph getting ready to eat our teriyaki chicken skewer appetizer. They were huge.
We watched the "Titanic" that night on our tv.

Here is the rest of our dinner: lobster, baked potato, Caesar salad, and dark chocolate mousse for dessert. I should have taken the lids off.

We have had the pleasure and opportunity to cruise several times throughout marriage together, but this one will always be special to me because my husband surprised me with the penthouse room as a belated 21st anniversary present

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