Monday, November 2, 2009

Thank You to my Followers

I so appreciate the people who have chosen to follow my blog that I like to take the time to showcase their talents, whether they are an artist or a fellow blogger. Today I am saluting 5 of my followers. I hope you will take a moment and look through their shops as they have some amazing things.

Kerri is the owner of a brand new shop on Etsy called OHearn67. I just love this pen and ink drawing of a giraffe. I so wish I could draw and I always gravitate to those with wonderful talents like this.

Kerri's shop has a variety of lovely handmade items at very reasonable prices.

Klaire, of Mystic Silks is a wonderful friend and fellow teammate of Design Style Guide, a website dedicated to promoting handmade home decor.

I chose to showcase this gorgeous silk scarf of hers because it is done in my favorite color combination of blue and brown. Klaire also sells her original silk paintings in her shop on Etsy which you may have seen when I did an article on Mystic Silks on my blog. To read more about the meticulous process involved in creating these beauties please refer to my archives.

DoxalloDesigns is where you will find one-of-a-kind high end jewelry. I felt her explanation of this incredible ring was wonderful and that is why I chose this piece to showcase her talent.
"I created this ring while on a lakeside metalsmithing retreat. The bumpy border reminds me of the meandering shore of the lake and the rocks which are often found alongside the water's edge. I imagine the triangular jasper as a boat skimming along the top of the water."

This is what art is all about. Seeing something in your mind's eye and creating your version in a tangible piece.

Linda, from MosaicSmith is a friend I met in a group on Etsy called Talking Mosaics, a place to share your love of all things mosaic. She has a fantastic ability to take a picture of something and turn it into the most amazing life-like mosaic. She also has a vivid imagination and created this stunning mosaic using an escargot tray. Each circle in the tray has it's own design made from glass Linda has hand cut to fit. This would be a wonderful conversation piece in your kitchen.

AmiKami makes vintage inspired hand knit and crochet fashions. This adorable piece is called a "fascinator" which is an alternative to wearing a hat and ear muffs. What's really great about these are the many ways you can wear it. I have 2 styles shown here, but there are several. She also sells bracelets, necklaces, headbands and more.

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Kerrie said...

Christine, What a kind and generous thing for you to do to feature our shops!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ♥ Kerrie