Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a Surprise!

My husband came home the other night with a newspaper clipping all waded up, which he handed to me, and said "This is my early Valentine's Gift".

He knows how much I love the theatre and miss it, as we don't live in a place that thrives with much in the way of performing arts.

Anyway, he had noticed that "Phantom of the Opera" was coming to Orlando next year and booked 2 seats for one of the February performances. He also booked a hotel room so that we could stay over and not have to drive the 60 miles home that night. He is such a romantic and I just love that about him.

I am so excited to go as this is my all-time favorite play and the last time we saw it was in Denver where we had to leave mid performance due to my daughter going into labor.


Hollyrocks said...

How sweet of him!! My dad just took me to see The Phantom of the Opera a few months ago, and it was AWESOME. I hope the two of you have a lovely time! ♥ ♥

Jessica Moreau Berry said...

SOOOO AWESOME CHRIS!! What a sweetie!!