Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sales for Charity

I will always take time out to applaud anyone who is willing to donate to a worthy cause and today I am happy to introduce Stephanie Schroeter-Frymyer of who graciously gives 100% of all profits on her sales in this shop (she owns 2) to her charities, the City of Hope and the John Wayne Cancer Institute, in order to help find a cure against cancer.
When I asked her to tell me about her charities this is what she said:

"I was just looking for a way to make a difference and to make this world a better place. The City of Hope has always had a great reputation and has helped so many people and I had also heard about the great success at the John Wayne Cancer Institute that I decided to donate the profit to both organizations. There are many other organizations I would love to support, maybe one of these days I’ll be lucky enough to do so".

This young woman is truly a remarkable artist and has a soul to match. She was born in Germany but has been a proud American for nearly 10 years . She is married and has one child and two crazy dogs and makes her living in real estate, but her heart will always be in making fine silver and hand painted art jewelry.

When I asked her how she started "The Destined Soul" she replied:

I always loved to paint and came up with the idea to combine that love with my love for making adornment art. Very giving person, but not rich - but I wanted to be able to help (so many charities are hurting in this economy because people just don’t have the extra money to help out) so I came up with the idea of a new line with the hand painted beaded jewelry. They are so much fun to make and to wear, just something completely different, and like my silver jewelry, aimed at individualists who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Stephanie has two "favorite" pieces. The first is called "Candy". Look at the intricate detail in these beads which are all hand painted. Unbelievable! I really love the color combinations in this one.

" Monarch's Birthday" is another favorite of hers and I can see why. This is stunning! This piece sold in a very short time as her shop has only been open a few months.

I had chosen this adorable matching bracelet before I found out about Stephanie's favorites. This one is called "Candy Cuff". You can see the incredible workmanship on this a little better and I am so impressed. I would have a hard time even finding one favorite as they all are just lovely.

How about a pair of cute swirly earrings? I love the little dots all over. These are so unique that they could easily be worn alone with any outfit.

This is a photo of Steph's work area. I can just see her sitting there, with her head bent over, painting one of her beautiful designs on a bead or bracelet. She is such a kind and caring individual and goes out of her way to make people feel good. I feel honored to have made her acquaintance.

I chose to showcase "The Destined Soul" because all the profits go to researching a cure for cancer, but Stephanie does have another shop that has absolutely gorgeous Award Winning designs in fine silver. These pieces were available only at fine art shows and galleries so it is wonderful that you can now buy them on Etsy.

Another talent Stephanie has is photography which can be seen at .
I hope you will stop by these wonderful shops and see what this gifted artisan can do.

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