Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Newest Mosaics

This is my newest mosaic. In fact I just listed it today. It is a bit different than my usual style but it was fun to make and I wanted to try something different.It has a southwest feel to it and I chose the colors to represent that theme.

One of my friends commented that it reminded them of an Indian sundial with the gems pointing out like arrows.

The copper glass gems really lend to the feeling of the southwest and the sandy golden color of the grout gives it an earthy look, I think. It's hard to get a true picture of the colors. The first one is the closest to the true colors in this piece.

The hand cut dishes surrounding the mirror are American Limoges that have a design of gold filigree on an off white background.

This is a tray my daughter, Terra, made. She is becoming very passionate about mosaics too, which just thrills me as this will give us something we can do together.

If you would like to have more information on either of these pieces please visit my Etsy shop at


Hollyrocks said...

Your Southwestern-inspired mosaic is gorgeous! It reminds me of the sun, which I love because I've been obsessed with celestial decor since I was a teenager. Your daughter's tray is very impressive as well! I think it's just adorable that you both share the same hobby. That would make me so proud if I were you too!

Katie said...

BEAUTIFUL! That mosaic is just my style! Haha, almost every item of clothing I own follows that same color scheme!

Carol B said...

Those are beautiful!

PS - Thanks for putting my Etsy mini on your blog. (blushes)

Paula J said...

Hi Chris! Your newest is gorgeous! It reminds me of a sundial as well. And it's great that your daughter is into mosaics as well. How fun!


BeadsForever said...

Your new piece is beautiful - a new favorite on Etsy! Everytime I pass the tile and mosaic aisle at Michaels, I think of you.