Thursday, July 16, 2009

Featured Artist of the Week

I recently ran across Jon Gosling's shop and I was amazed by the workmanship of his pieces. He is a very talented woodworker from Detroit who recently opened his latest Etsy shop and I just had to share some of his creations.

My favorite is this adorable "knome home" that was carved from a piece of dead cottonwood. Look at the detail of the roof and the side paneling of each piece of wood plank. Even shows the holes for the nails.

This is another view showing how Jon carved individual bricks. Truly amazing.

Here's a peek at the unusual spiraling staircase.

This is another creation of Jon's. This is a meticulously designed jewelry box with a North American Beaver carved on top. Fabulous detail.

This is a relief carving of a mischevious cat holding a feather. Honestly, the feather looks so real, doesn't it?

These are just a sampling of the fine work you will see when you visit
You can see more of Jon's work on his blog at

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Audrey said...

WOW!! He does amazing work!! I love wood.