Saturday, May 23, 2009

Talented Artists of the Piece Makers

NORMALLY I do a feature on one artist from the many talented people on Etsy, however, this week I wanted to devote my post to the Piece Makers Mosaic Artists Team members and give you a small look into their very different styles and talents.It always amazes me to see that each and every one of us, in some way, takes a part of the past and reuses it for the present, yet no two creations are alike, and each artist has his or her own representation of this unique art.

Each member loves what they do and I would like to show you just a small "piece" of their world. I encourage you to check out their shops on Etsy as I think you will be amazed at what can be transformed with something that was once broken, damaged, or discarded.

Monika of has a heart for rescuing gorgeous vintage china and porcelain dishes that are no longer useful in their original state and creates beautiful shabby chic style designs. This was once a bread box but now has been magically transformed into a special place for personal mementos and treasures. I think this would be a wonderful piece to store your family keepsakes and pass them down from generation to generation.

Chelle of has developed a new kind of ACEO (a collectible that has to be a specific 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"in size) in her journey with mosaics. It's hard to believe that she can turn out such an intricate and wonderfully designed piece on such a small base. This pretty little flower is perfect for those looking to collect mosaic art.

Vicki of can take a scene near her home such as this wonderful country covered bridge and transform it into a mosaic masterpiece. This will forever be a reminder of the great historical markers left by those before us in this grand country of ours. I would find it hard to part with, but anyone lucky enough to have this mosaic in their home will have a little piece of history.

Mandy of interested in creating art that becomes part of the structure of a home. She says"The color and texture that mosaics add to a space make me incredibly happy. ...and creating mosaics for other people's homes has added a whole new level of joy to something that I already loved so much". The buddha head on this salvaged vintage mandolin was hand painted in India. The colors are fabulous together and would make a wonderful conversation piece for any home.

Bets of has her own unique style and one you definitely won't find anywhere else as she and her 9 year old daughter, Jamie Sue, make most of their tiles and focals from polymer clay. This sensational piece called "Night Whispers Mosaic Owl Art Panel" is designed around the 2 polymer clay owls that Bets hand sculpted, in addition to many of the other materials seen in this wallhanging. Bets also sells polymer clay focals, tiles and cute little critters.

Peggy of enjoys working with her hands and she loves all varieties of mosaics from shabby chic to traditonal and modern. This stunning pink pearl clock is just a peek at the kind of work Peggy does. She always surprises you with something a little different. In this case it is the pink seed beads in the grout. As you can see this clock sits on one more of her gorgeous creations.

MJ of loves working with all things "beautiful" and glass is one of her favorite materials. This stylish plate is just one representation of what MJ can do with a bit of glass and a recycled plate. Can't you just see serving your desserts on this lovely little plate?

Chris of is drawn to anything from Coca Cola cans to cartoon characters and uses his finds along with broken dishes to create his own form of pop art. This fabulous piece was inspired by a magazine photo of Jolene Blaloch. True to his style, Chris added a little something extra in his creation called "Guardian Tiki". The shading on this phenomenal piece was done by using the text on the dishes.

Patti of shines with this artistic mosaic of mirrored tiles adhered to a white wooden tray. She chose to not only show the flowers in bloom, but also the seedlings and seeds floating in the wind. This tray can certainly be used, but I think I would hang it for all to see.

Kim of primarily sells the beautiful precut dish tiles that so many of us use in our designs. Without people like her many mosaic artist would be hardpressed to have all the materials needed to finish a piece. This is just one of the many patterns of cut dish tiles that Kim has in her shop.

This is just few of the many gifted artists in our group. I hope to share some more of our members in a future post.


Living said...

Wow some of these are so nice! :)
Also my aunt would love some of your mirrors! Would fit in perfectly with her colour schemes.

Tins and Treasures said...

These pieces are beautiful. Such talent. Have a great Memorial Day ~Natalie