Monday, April 27, 2009


I would like to introduce Paula Jean Miller from PJMDesigns. Paula is married and has 3 children, Zachary, Taryne, and Autumn. She resides in New Hampshire, where she is a stay-at-home mom, which gives her time to enjoy her crafts.

WHEN asked what lead her to scrapbooking, her answer was: " What lead me to scrapbooking was when my youngest was born five years ago a friend gave me a scrapbook and some papers and embellishments for a gift. At first I didn't know what to do with everything, so I did some research and ended up with an album dedicated to my daughter's first year. I also discovered what has become my favorite hobby".

WHERE do you get your ideas?

"Mostly my ideas kind of just pop into my mind at random moments, when I'm watching TV, driving, or trying to go to sleep at night. A title or theme will come into mind. Sometime I do the opposite ~ I have all the supplies I want to use on a layout, and put them together in a way that looks nice, and then I'll come up with a title last".

WHAT was the easiest design for you to make and why?

"The easiest design for me to make was my "My Life Right Now" scrapbook page. I was noticing with my personal scrapbooks there wasn't much of me in them. I felt that it was important to my family and generations to come that I be included in these albums as well, and thought that by putting my photo and unique facts about me would be really neat. Sometimes children don't know detailed facts about their parents and this is a great way to document that".

WHAT was the hardest design for you to make and why?
"The hardest design on mine to create was my "You Are Beautiful" scrapbook layout. I had all of the papers and ribbons that I wanted to use together, but didn't know how I was going to do it. After a lot of rearranging the design finally popped into my mind!"

I JUST had to have these cute little guys included with Paula's designs as she also works with felt and other goodies. These adorable "love owl softies" are made from brightly colored felt. The eyes, beak and wings are all hand stitched and can be made in other colors.

THIS is the area that Paula creates all her beautiful designs. You can tell she has a real love for her craft as everything seems to have a place ready and waiting for her to work. She tells me her "spot" is located in the basement by a sunny window. I alway think it's interesting to see where artists do their work so I wanted to be sure we had a picture included.

Paula's shop is on Etsy and can be found at: .

She also has a blog where you can read a little more about her special designs:


Paula J said...

Thank you Christine! You put a lot of work into this feature and I really appreciate it.


Tins and Treasures said...

I enjoyed getting to know Paula, and I love the owl softies!! Take care ~Natalie

Christine Burgess said...

Thanks Natalie.

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GreatPost! I love her scrapbook art :) I already follow her

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